A hospital visit, Pietermaritzburg

A Pietermaritzburg resident on a visit at Baroe.

Pre-Sparkle Conference Excitement, Pietermaritzburg

Farewell 2019, Cape Town

Fun times, good food and presents.



Welcome and Valentine’s Function, Cape Town


Games Night 2019, Cape Town

Bloemfontein Fun and Activities

Bloemfontein residents are treated to a welcome feast at the beginning of the year. During the year various activities are enjoyed by the residents, for example a braai, netball games, a fun boot camp, learning dance moves and then, because it’s home, relaxing in front of the fire in the lounge on a cold day.

A poem by Prudence, Bloemfontein

You’re the enemy of the heart

Often we think people fool us
So blind and stubborn we are
All comfortable and settled without knowing
Is it because we are shallow?
Or just signs of immaturity?
Actually no 
Empty promises we get
Planned destiny with no future
So dumb are we to believe it

So self-centred are we to be proud
With no worth we fall for it.

Actually if we search deeper we are the enemies
We are the fools 
The back stabbers of our heart
So fooled by the mind that we don’t even notice
Innocent is our little hearts 
Tortured by the greedy stubborn mind
Thinking man is our worst enemy
If only the heart knew it was an organ
Maybe the world and our lives could be better.