The financial year of THE YW is January to December.  As each Local Association is autonomous in their daily running procedures, they each have their books audited by a local auditor, as does National Office.

Annual General Meetings for National Office and each Local Association are held between February and June within the local residences.  Copies of the signed Annual Financial Statements, the National Administrator’s Report or Local Association Manager’s Report are provided to Members of THE YW and National Office.  Copies are also sent to the National Libraries in each province of South Africa.

The National Administrator provides both the Company Registrar and the Department of Welfare (Non-Profit Division) copies of:

  • National Office’s Annual Financial Statements
  • National Administrator’s Report
  • National Treasurer’s Report
  • Each Local Association’s Annual Financial Statements
  • Each Local Association’s Manager’s Report


Copies of all Annual Financial Statements can only be requested from National Office.

  • Copies of the monthly ‘Praise & Prayer’ leaflets are available to YW Prayer Partners only.
  • Copies of the Y’s News & Views’ in-house publication are available to the public from each Local Association and National Office, free of charge, or can be read or downloaded from our website. 
  • Copies of our YW Brochure are available from all Local Associations and National Office, free of charge. 
  • “The Romance of the Blue Triangles” – a history of the YWCA of SA – by Val Nowlan.  R150 each.  These can only be purchased from National Office. 


  • THE YW Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI)
  • THE YW Operations Manual. 

Copies of the above are in-house documents and are not available to the public.