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Finding secure, affordable accommodation can be a problem – particularly for young women leaving home and spreading their wings. Whether they are students needing a ‘nest’, young women employed in the cities or visiting other cities for training, employment or holiday purposes, THE YW provides a caring home away from home.

Founded in Cape Town in 1886 THE YW has a long history of providing safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation. We are an interdenominational non-profit making organization providing accommodation in a Christian atmosphere. We believe in nurturing young women – the homemakers and role models of the future. It is these girls who will shape the values and ideals of coming generations. If they enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, their influence can be far-reaching, apart from helping them to set a sound and godly example to their partners and future families.

Students in particular will find our residences exceptionally conducive to studying as they provide a safe and quiet atmosphere, even though situated in the midst of the largest South African cities. We have residences in Bloemfontein, Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg.

THE YW sets out to provide mutual development, help and loving support to our residents – spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually. Our girls will always find a friend at THE YW. Dedicated staff are there to meet their needs: praying for them during exams; overseeing medical care during an illness, or providing moral support as they face a difficult situation.

Our aim is to provide a home away from home, maintaining a healthy witness to a Christian way of life. Countrywide our houses accommodate +/-400 young women. Residents attend a weekly youth service and there are optional Bible study groups available while Life Skills and Youth Development programmes are organized on a regular basis. Recreation facilities differ from residence to residence, but some indoor and outdoor activities are available in them all. Our libraries have a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction books and all our residences have TV and video facilities.

Accommodation is flexible. Residents may stay for a few days, months or years. Many are from countries outside of South Africa so we offer a wonderful opportunity for making international friendships, as well as friendships that last a lifetime!

For more information concerning accommodation fees and other details please view each individual Local Association’s page

Visitors and tourists are very welcome, especially at our Cape Town YW as they can provide accommodation all year round. At our other houses, visitor/tourist accommodation is available during the winter months of June & July and the summer months from November to January.

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The Mission Statement of The YW under the guidance of the YW Executive Committee (EXCO), and in conjunction with local YW Associations is:

  1. To provide safe, value for money accommodation, caring, demonstrating and showing love based on Christian principles, enabling young women to be accommodated in a Christian environment.
  2. To consider the developing of existing or new residences.
  3. To provide a biblical foundation leading to a life committed to Jesus Christ and to offer opportunities for young women to enhance their personal growth.
  4. To cater for the development, help and welfare of young women and to consider partnering through support, other Christian evangelical organisations and/or persons already involved in ministry to young women between the ages of 18 - 25 years.

SECTION 51 (Government Requirement)
You may download a copy of our Section 51 Manual.


Please click download to view document.


RULES OF THE HOUSE – these are for the mutual benefit of all residents

Although these differ from Local Association to Local Association, there are several House Rules which do not alter. They are:

  • Health, safety and security considerations require that MANAGEMENT HAVE ACCESS to residents’ rooms - at reasonable times.
  • In consideration of the need to maintain a healthy environment, NO SMOKING is allowed inside the residence and NO ALCOHOL NOR NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUGS are allowed on the premises.
  • We believe that the quality of life enjoyed by all residents will be enhanced if we are considerate of one another in terms of NOISE.
  • Visitors may be entertained in the PUBLIC AREAS on the property.
  • ALL guests will be required to SIGN IN AND OUT when visiting.
  • No male guests will be allowed in the bedrooms of the residence AT ANY TIME (except with the permission of management). If there is a breach of this rule the resident will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY forfeiting rent and deposit monies.
  • Meals are to be eaten in the dining rooms ONLY and not taken to the bedrooms. (This is a Government HEALTH DEPT requirement.)
  • Residents who wish to stay out overnight, MUST write in the SIGNING IN AND OUT BOOK at reception for those times. (This is a Local Government requirement.)
  • When going out, KEYS MUST BE LEFT at reception.
    • Residents who lose their keys and/or remotes WILL PAY for replacements.
    • THE YW is NOT RESPONSIBLE for a resident’s personal belongings. It is therefore recommended that all residents take out personal insurance for their own belongings.
  • Although the South African government legislation allows for same-sex union, The YW does not condone nor permit lesbian relationships within their Residences as this is a departure from our Christian ethos.

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