The YW Residences

Residential accommodation is offered to young women needing to stay in Bloemfontein (Mangaung), Cape Town or Pietermaritzburg (Msunduzi).

Accommodation is offered to all young women regardless of colour, race, religion or creed – however, we are a Christian organisation and therefore the ‘boundaries’ with regards to House Rules are in accordance with our Company’s MOI and The YW Operations Manual which are founded not only on the South African Companies Act requirements but also Christian biblical values.

Although these may differ from Local Association to Local Association, there are several House Rules which do not alter at any time.

• Health, safety and security considerations require that MANAGEMENT HAVE ACCESS to residents’ rooms at reasonable times on any day.
• In consideration of the need to maintain a healthy environment, NO SMOKING is allowed inside the residence and NO ALCOHOL nor non-prescription DRUGS are allowed on the premises.
• We believe that the quality of life enjoyed by all residents will be enhanced if we are considerate of one another in terms of NOISE.
• Visitors may be entertained in the PUBLIC AREAS on the property.
• All guests will be required to SIGN IN AND OUT when visiting.
• No male guests will be allowed in the bedrooms of the resident’s AT ANY TIME (except with the permission and supervision of management). 
• Residents wishing to stay out overnight MUST write in the SIGNING IN AND OUT BOOK at reception for those times. (This is a Local Government/Fire Dept. requirement.)
• Residents who lose their keys and/or gate remotes WILL PAY for replacements. 
• The YW is NOT RESPONSIBLE for a resident’s personal belongings. It is therefore recommended that all residents take out personal insurance for their own belongings.



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